Organized Kaos exists to apprentice young people in life and trade inspiring hope and purpose. We offer a safe environment in which young people work and learn alongside skilled trades persons from local churches.

“You actually get to do stuff!”

Organized Kaos is not an “up-front” teaching, but a “side-to-side” mentorship, in which trades people teach youth, ages 13-17, in a hands on approach. OK maintains low ratios of 1 Skilled Trades Mentor to 2 Students. Projects create a common ground and break down barriers in a casual setting, leaving space to teach life skills, employability skills, faith, and the trades.

“Trades people know that the best way to learn is while turning a wrench or swinging a hammer.”

Andrew Eelkema

Trades Assistant (Carpentry Shop), Former OK Student

Brian Knowles

General Carpenter, Retired

Bruce Dorman

Retired Cabinetmaker

Caleb Haines

Licensed Mechanic at Blue Star Ford

Dave Van Kooten

Director of Mentorship

David Driedger

Fine Carpenter, Retired

David Hislop

Certified Carpenter, Retired

David Tuttle

Owner/Operator at
KWW Construction

Don Thompson

Owner/Operator at Cutting Edge

E.R. (Ted) Baker

General Contractor, Self-Employed

Gord Stuart

Owner/Operator at
Gord’s General Contracting

Jeff Walsh

Brantford Fire Fighter and Former Bricklayer

John Dreyer

Certified Electrician

Mike Smith

Automotive Apprentice at Brantford Toyota

Paul Fraser

Retired Electrician

Reg Keddy

 Certified Electrician, Semi Retired

Shawn Stuart

Executive Director/Founder at Organized Kaos

William Dyer

Licensed Mechanic at Advantage Auto

You can be Next

Jacob Tigchelaar

Secretary of the Board, Trades Mentor, Facilities Supervisor at

Travis Dyk

Treasurer of the Board, currently obtaining Juris Doctorate from Western University

Tim Teakle

Chair of the Board, Church Experience Lead at Alpha

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596 Bishopsgate Rd.
Paris ON, N3L 3E3
OK Auto Shop Located at:
576-D Elgin St,
Brantford, ON

OK Carpentry Shop Located at:
399 West St.
Brantford ON

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